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Eva Hendry

Posted at January 23, 2015 | By : | Categories : Testimonial | Comments Off on Eva Hendry

Chris was recommended to us by Jupiter Underfloor Heating, the manufacturers of our underfloor heating system (“Ufh”) in a bid by it to help us resolve long running issues that we were having with the system, due to it being incorrectly installed by a previous builder.

Our Ufh saga has been ongoing for over 5 years and we have come across many plumbers during that time who have tried but failed to get our heating system (Ufh downstairs, radiators upstairs, solar panels for hot water) working as it should. However, on meeting Chris and having had him work on our heating system, it is clear why he was recommended to us by Jupiter and is used by it as one of its chosen installers. It was instantly apparent that he was more knowledgeable than the other plumbers we have come across, and that he is genuinely interested in what he does and prides himself on delivering a good service. Needless to say, since he has worked on our Ufh and radiator heating system, it is now operating better than it did on its initial installation and we recently had our first winter without having to turn on portable electric heaters.

Chris is unsurprisingly often busy – I expect due to the fact that his services are in high demand – however he is now our plumber of choice for any future heating/plumbing jobs that we have and unless there is an emergency, we would prefer to continue to wait until he is available. Based upon our experience, I have no hesitation in recommending Chris for heating/plumbing related work.

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