What Our Clients Say

  • Great Service from Vietec. They knew what they were doing and genuinely rated the product which they are clearly comfortable installing.

    Chris showed us how to set it all up and even made two return visits to ensure it was all running smoothly.

    It’s not the cheapest system on the market but it is the most powerful in terms of flexibility and control. I’m hugely pleased both with the product and the service. Vietec simply got on with the job until it was finished and all we had to do was make the odd coffee. Thanks Chris, would certainly recommend your services.

    Chris Pace

  • I was in need of a gas central heating system in my property, gas and a new poly water feed had been moled in some years previous. From gathering the necessary quotes from the usual larger, national and county suppliers, and smaller local companies, I was quickly gaining the impression, that the quirkiness of this property would be a challenge, to install a CH and Hot-Water system without unnecessary visible pipework, or a combi system that one large company had tried to sell me!

    I was passed Vietec details by recommendation, as a colleague was pleased with the installation he’d just had completed, so 3 days later Chris spent over an hour wandering around discussing my base requirements against what could be possible and feasible. A day later three quotes arrived by email detailing possible solutions, as I’d been instructed that priority 1 was constant Hot Water, after suffering tepid water from the previous E7 200lt immersion tank following; washing up and a teenager using the shower!! and a warm house, never achievable with Storage Heaters either!

    The work was scheduled in for early December with a crew of 3, Monday morning arrived following one of many cups of strong coffee, actual routes were planned, inspection holes cut, ceilings tapped, (didn’t help that a large concrete slab, covered part of the ceiling). Huge quantities of pipe, fittings, radiators, a coffin containing the 300lt cylinder, and a smaller box for the boiler, duly arrived.

    Work commenced in earnest on Tuesday with the radiators being sited and fixed to the walls, and space being found in the garage for the cylinder and boiler. Chris and Nick found and overcame the inherent problems that parquet flooring and that concrete slab had imposed.

    After only 4 day of the system being ‘live’ the house is warm, and Hot Water available throughout the day, I’ve found the boiler controls easy to modify, and the display on the boiler gives clear and concise feedback of how the system is performing.

    Due to concurrent building works being carried out here and their festive shutdown, Chris will return in the New Year to modify other hot water feeds here.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Chris and Vietec for a competitive, competent and innovative approach to providing a Hot-Water and Central Heating solution.

    Philip Mackay

  • Chris was recommended to us by Jupiter Underfloor Heating, the manufacturers of our underfloor heating system (“Ufh”) in a bid by it to help us resolve long running issues that we were having with the system, due to it being incorrectly installed by a previous builder.

    Our Ufh saga has been ongoing for over 5 years and we have come across many plumbers during that time who have tried but failed to get our heating system (Ufh downstairs, radiators upstairs, solar panels for hot water) working as it should. However, on meeting Chris and having had him work on our heating system, it is clear why he was recommended to us by Jupiter and is used by it as one of its chosen installers. It was instantly apparent that he was more knowledgeable than the other plumbers we have come across, and that he is genuinely interested in what he does and prides himself on delivering a good service. Needless to say, since he has worked on our Ufh and radiator heating system, it is now operating better than it did on its initial installation and we recently had our first winter without having to turn on portable electric heaters.

    Chris is unsurprisingly often busy – I expect due to the fact that his services are in high demand – however he is now our plumber of choice for any future heating/plumbing jobs that we have and unless there is an emergency, we would prefer to continue to wait until he is available. Based upon our experience, I have no hesitation in recommending Chris for heating/plumbing related work.

    Eva Hendry

  • Having had an engineer tell us that we needed to totally replace our 8 year old Valiant boiler and have our system chemically flushed, I wanted a second opinion. I contacted Vietec as I was recommended Chris by a friend of mine. After some quick diagnosis over the phone, it was decided that this could be a problem that could be solved with repairs. The following day and a few hours later the heating and water was back with a couple of parts replaced and is now better than before.

    Top service.

    Neil Jeffries