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  • Boilers and Installers

    People often ask what is the best boiler, well there is no definitive answer, each installer will have their own preference of what they prefer to install and what is in their opinion is the best boiler, one they are used to and can repair and maintain, but what is more important for you to have an efficient system is the installer and the installation, it is important that the system is designed correctly, radiators ...

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  • Prepare For Winter

    Winter is fast approaching and the cold weather will soon be upon us, we are getting much colder weather than we are used to in the UK, we had a few spells of -20 degrees C at the beginning of the year, make sure you are prepared for winter and ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises, check any exposed pipe work is insulated, check your loft, any pipework within the loft should be insulated ...

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  • Green Deal

    The Green Deal is less than a year away from starting and as usual no one really knows what is going on, lack of detail and information from the powers that be, but one thing has come to light, it appears that installers will have to go through another accreditation process to join Green Deal, this on top of MCS and Gas Safe, WHY? It matters not how the scheme will be run, or how ...

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