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  • Plumbing Forums

    What are people’s opinions of Plumbing Advice forums, I personally am against them, why do plumbers want to devalue their trade, why would anyone who has gained knowledge of their industry with hard work and study want to give that knowledge away for free, I used to partake in these forums a few years ago, but then I woke up and thought what on earth am I doing, I have been in this industry ...

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  • The Plumbing & Heating Industry

    I have been in the plumbing and heating industry for 30 years now, I started straight from school at 16 and attended college for 4 years to learn my trade, when I completed my apprenticeship I worked for many different companies as a sub-contractor gaining experience in all the different fields in this industry, domestic and commercial installing plumbing and heating, using copper, iron, and plastics, I also worked on underground drainage, water mains, ...

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  • The Education of Plumbers

    My personal opinion of the knowledge of UK plumbers is not that good, we seem to allow ourselves to be dictated to by people who can profit from the lack of knowledge and skills of installers, my main gripe is inhibitors and magnetic filters, why do we add these products to systems, in my opinion it is because we are forced fed that these components are needed to give a good quality system, well they ...

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  • Why is the UK slow at moving forward

    Why is the UK always so far behind the rest of Europe, boilers have come a long way over the years, better, safer and more controllable and yet unvented cylinders have not moved with the boilers, or maybe more to the point Part G of the Building Regulations has not moved forward, my reason for bringing this up is I recently fitted a Viessmann 100 system boiler, very good boiler, now with these boilers and ...

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  • Feed in Tarriff

    In my opinion the FiT needed cutting and I think 50% was fair, it is the highest subsidised renewable in the UK, and it is paid for by you and me in higher utility bills, the people in the PV market say it is too short notice, they have been given 1 1/2 months’ notice, how much time do they want, a year?, why should everyone pay higher prices for this scheme any ...

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