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MCS, Why?

Posted at June 4, 2012 | By : | Categories : Blog | Comments Off on MCS, Why?

What is going on with this industry and why do we always seem to accept been walked over and ripped off.

MCS was set up to have regulation and control over the renewable industry for Government grant applications and rightly so, we were told we had to be MCS accredited to be able to offer our customers the grants, well there are no bloody grants and the RHI has been delayed by another year and will not commence until summer 2013, that’s if it actually even starts then, but in the meantime MCS accredited installers are still paying out each year for their MCS and as time goes by they may have to re-take the courses for the technologies they cover as these only have a lifespan of 5 years, which costs money, now I for one as I am sure all other installers joined MCS to increase business opportunities and increase profits, but with the lack of grants means lack of take up of renewables by the public, which means loss of earnings for installers, in fact it is costing installers money as they have to pay annually for MCS membership, I think it is time we called for a suspension of the cost of MCS to installers until such time as there are grants available, why should we be paying for membership of a scheme where there is no work available due to lack of the grants for which the scheme was set up to provide, the Government keep on delaying the RHI but they seem to think it acceptable that installers continue to pay for the scheme that does not exist, it really is time this industry pulled together and started to say NO to been ripped off, we are looked on as some sort of cash cow, well its time it stopped

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