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  • The Green Deal Again

    It has been reported in the media that insulation projects have dropped 97% under Green Deal, this does not surprise me, it does not take a rocket scientist to work out that if the take up was rather low when it was offered free from the energy companies (although we all contributed via our energy bills) why would they think it would grow when people have to pay for it. What we have to understand is, ...

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  • CO Poisoning Media Hype

    I am of the opinion that CO poisoning is been over hyped, if we look at figures around 15 deaths a year are from CO poisoning, now any death is tragic and dying from CO poisoning in this day and age should not happen, but we need to put things into prospective, if you look at deaths from fuel poverty this is in the 1000’s, so why does CO deaths get so much attention, well ...

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  • Heating Corrosion Protection

    Most installers are aware that heating systems need to be protected from corrosion; this ensures system longevity and the components within the heating system, boiler, pumps valves etc. but up to now we have always been told the only way to do this is by adding chemicals, well I am of the opinion that this is not the only way to protect a heating system and there are more eco-friendly ways to achieve the same ...

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  • When did we allow idiots to run our industry

    WTF is going on with the Plumbing & Heating industry, why is it seemingly allowed to be run by idiots, MCS, Green deal, PAS 2030, all just burdensome, bureaucracy, that has no benefit to the actual installation, these organisations in my opinion are just quango’s, they keep coming up with more and more stupid ideas to warrant their existence and milk the industry of more money, all the paperwork that is involved with these organisations ...

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  • MCS, Why?

    What is going on with this industry and why do we always seem to accept been walked over and ripped off. MCS was set up to have regulation and control over the renewable industry for Government grant applications and rightly so, we were told we had to be MCS accredited to be able to offer our customers the grants, well there are no bloody grants and the RHI has been delayed by another year and ...

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